SCF is excited to share two exciting days of keynote addresses, demos, and technical paper presentations! We hope that you will join us to learn, mingle, and brainstorm about the newest advances in Computational Fabrication!

The proceedings of the conference are available through the ACM Digital Library.

Thursday, October 28
Time (ET) Activity
10:00 am Opening Remarks
10:10 am keynote Discrete geometric structures for architecture and computational fabrication
Helmut Pottmann, KAUST
10:55 am paper Topology Optimization via Frequency Tuning of Neural Design Representations
Nikan Doosti, Julian Panetta, and Vahid Babaei
11:15 am paper DIGISEW: Anisotropic Stitching for Variable Stretch in Textiles
Abhinit Sati, Ioannis Karamouzas, and Victor Zordan
11:35 am Break
11:50 am keynote Biosynthetic Architecture: Designing for Resiliency
Jenny Sabin, Cornell / Jenny Sabin Studio
12:35 pm paper Designing Composites with Target Effective Young's Modulus using Reinforcement Learning
Aldair E. Gongora, Siddharth Mysore, Beichen Li, Wan Shou, Wojciech Matusik, Elise F. Morgan, Keith A. Brown, and Emily Whiting
12:55 pm demos See the Demo List for more information.
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1:40 pm Break
1:55 pm keynote Additive Manufacturing of Architected and Functional Materials
Christopher Spadaccini, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2:40 pm paper Multi-ttach: Techniques to Enhance Multi-material Attachments in Low-cost FDM 3D Printing
Nahyun Kwon, Himani Deshpande, Md Kamrul Hasan, Aryabhat Darnal and Jeeeun Kim
3:00 pm paper Using Learned Visual and Geometric Features to Retrieve Complete 3D Proxies for Broken Objects
Nikolas Lamb, Noah Wiederhold, Benjamin Lamb, Sean Banerjee, and Natasha Kholgade Banerjee
3:20 pm Closing

Friday, October 29
Time (ET) Activity
10:00 am keynote 3D Printing of Dual Morphing Soft Origami Robots
Kyu-Jin Cho, Seoul National University
10:45 am paper Man-made by Computer: On-the-Fly Fine Texture 3D Printing
Xin Yan, Lin Lu, Andrei Sharf, Xing Yu, and Yulu Sun
11:05 am paper A brick in the wall: staggered orientable infills for additive manufacturing
Jimmy Etienne, Thibault Tricard, Cedric Zanni, and Sylvain Lefebvre
11:25 am Break
11:40 am keynote Electromedia and Design Fluidity
Ari Melenciano, Google / NYU
12:25 pm industry talk Onshape: "CAD Digital Twins: Integrating Computational Workflows with Onshape's REST API"
Matt Mueller (Digital Transformation Engineer)
12:40 pm industry talk New Balance Athletics: "3D Printing Shoes is Easy (?), Making them Perform is not (!)"
Dana Maringo (Computational Designer)
12:55 pm industry talk Autodesk: "What Could the Future of Manufacturing Look Like?"
Angie Foss (Development Manager, Technology Center San Francisco)
1:10 pm Break
1:25 pm keynote Modular robots - synthesizing structure and control
Hadas Kress-Gazit, Cornell
2:10 pm paper Interactive Digital Fabrication Machine Control Directly Within a CAD Environment
Frikk Fossdal, Rogardt Heldal, and Nadya Peek
2:30 pm paper The new analog: A protocol for linking design and construction intent with algorithmic planning for robotic assembly of complex structures
Yijiang Huang, Pok Yin Victor Leung, Caelan Garrett, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, and Caitlin Mueller
2:50 pm Closing Remarks


    AdaCAD Mixer: A Generative Design Tool for Making Woven Drafts
    Laura Devendorf and Emma Goodwill
    [ Abstract ]
    One-piece molding method adapted to uneven surfaces using ADAMs (Additional Distance Adjustment Machine system)
    Yuta Hirayama, Haruto Kamijo, Keita Ito and Yoshihiro Kawahara
    [ Abstract ]
    Fabricating Bilayer Surfaces using Variational Surface Cutting
    Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz
    [ Abstract ]
    Lenticular Objects: 3D Printed Objects with Lenticular Lens Surfaces That Can Change their Appearance Depending on the Viewpoint
    Jiani Zeng, Honghao Deng, Yunyi Zhu, Michael Wessely, Axel Kilian and Stefanie Mueller
    [ Abstract ]
    Design-to-Robotic-Production for Circular Approaches in Architecture
    Henriette Bier, Krishna Jani, Siddharth Jain, Emma Avrămiea and Max Latour
    [ Abstract ]
    Physical Tags: Fingerprints Embedded in Objects and Materials for Ubiquitous Sensing and Seamless Interactions
    Mustafa Doğa Doğan
    [ Abstract ]
    Robotic additive construction of bar structures: Unified sequence and motion planning
    Yijiang Huang, Caelan Garrett, Ian Ting, Stefana Parascho and Caitlin Mueller
    [ Abstract ]
    p5.fab: Direct Control of Digital Fabrication Machines from a Creative Coding Environment
    Blair Subbaraman
    [ Abstract ]
    Stochastic Self-Assembly with Magnetically Re-programmable Voxels
    Martin Nisser, Yashaswini Makaram, Ryo Suzuki and Stefanie Mueller
    [ Abstract ]
    Demonstrating Taxon: a Language for Formal Reasoning with Digital Fabrication Machines
    Jasper Tran O'Leary, Chandrakana Nandi, Khang Lee and Nadya Peek
    [ Abstract ]
    SliceHub: Augmenting Shared 3D Model Repositories with Slicing Results for 3D Printing
    Faraz Faruqi, Kenneth Friedman, Leon Cheng, Michael Wessely, Sriram Subramanian and Stefanie Mueller
    [ Abstract ]
    Demonstrating DefeXtiles: 3D Printing Quasi Woven Fabric via Undextrusion
    Jack Forman, Mustafa Doğa Doğan, Hamilton Forsythe and Hiroshi Ishii
    [ Abstract ]
    A Seamless Workflow For Design and Fabrication of Soft Actuators
    Lawrence Smith
    [ Abstract ]
    Automated Filament Pigmenting for Multi-color 3D Printing
    Eammon Littler
    [ Abstract ]