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SCF 2020

ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication
November 5-6, 2020


SCF is excited to share two exciting days of keynote addresses and technical paper presentations! We hope that you will join us in November, to learn, mingle, and brainstorm about the newest advances in Computational Fabrication!

Registration for SCF 2020 is now open!

Time (ET) Activity
10:00 am Welcome
10:10 am keynote Integrative Computational Design and Fabrication for Architecture
Achim Menges, University of Stuttgart
10:50 am paper Morph & Slerp : Shape Description for 3D Printing of Concrete
Shajay Bhooshan, Tom Van Mele and Philippe Block
11:10 am paper Design and Fabrication of Elastic Geodesic Grid Structures
Stefan Pillwein, Johanna Kübert, Florian Rist and Przemyslaw Musialski
11:30 am paper Geometry-based structural form-finding to design architected cellular solids
Mostafa Akbari, Hamid Akbarzadeh, Armin Mirabolghasemi and Masoud Akbarzadeh
11:50 am Lunch / Dinner Break
12:20 pm keynote Fabric Isn't Flat: A Quantitative Need for the Qualitative Knit Fabrication Process
Geneviève Dion, Drexel University
1:00 pm paper Representing Crochet with Stitch Meshes
Michelle Guo, Jenny Lin, Vidya Narayanan and James McCann
1:20 pm paper Self-shaping Curved Folding: A 4D-printing method for fabrication of self-folding curved crease structures
Yasaman Tahouni, Tiffany Cheng, Dylan Wood, Renate Sachse, Rebecca Thierer, Manfred Bischoff and Achim Menges
1:40 pm Break
1:50 pm keynote Computer Designed Organisms
Josh Bongard, University of Vermont
2:30 pm paper Print Paths Key-framing. Design for non-planar layered robotic FDM printing
Ioanna Mitropoulou, Mathias Bernhard and Benjamin Dillenburger
2:50 pm paper Coupling Programs and Visualization for Machine Knitting
Tianhong Yu and James McCann
3:10 pm Closing

Time (ET) Activity
10:00 am Welcome
10:10 am keynote On Designing Expressive Robots
Moritz Baecher, Disney Research, Zurich
10:50 am paper Automated Generation of Multi-Material Structures Using the VoxelFuse Framework
Cole Brauer and Daniel Aukes
11:10 am paper Organic Open-cell Porous Structure Modeling
Lihao Tian, Lin Lu, Weikai Chen, Yang Xia, Charlie C. L. Wang and Wenping Wang
11:30 am paper Reduced-Order Simulation of Flexible Meta-Materials
Kurt Leimer and Przemyslaw Musialski
11:50 am Lunch / Dinner Break
12:20 pm keynote Computing Fabrics
Yoel Fink, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:00 pm paper Multifunctional Mesostructures: Design and Material Programming for 4D-printing
Tiffany Cheng, Yasaman Tahouni, Dylan Wood, Benjamin Stolz, Rolf Mülhaupt and Achim Menges
1:20 pm paper Tomographic color Schlieren refractive index mapping for computed axial lithography
Chi Chung Li, Joseph Toombs and Hayden Taylor
1:40 pm Break
1:50 pm keynote Expressive Personal Fabrication: Approaching Digital Fabrication As End-User Programming
Jennifer Jacobs, University of California, Santa Barbara
2:30 pm paper RoboSculptor: Artist-Directed Robotic Sculpting of Clay
Zhao Ma, Simon Duenser, Christian Schumacher, Romana Rust, Moritz Bächer, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler and Stelian Coros
2:50 pm paper Inverse Design Tool for Asymmetrical Self-Rising Surfaces with Color Texture
Jianzhe Gu, Vidya Narayanan, Guanyun Wang, Harshika Jain, Kexin Lu, Fang Qin, Sijia Wang, James McCann and Lining Yao
3:10 pm Closing