SCF is thrilled to share three exciting days of keynote addresses, demos, and technical paper presentations! We hope that you will join us to learn, mingle, and brainstorm about the newest advances in Computational Fabrication!

The proceedings of the conference will be available through the ACM Digital Library.

Unless otherwise noted, the conference events will be held at the UW Gates Center (CSE2), Zillow Commons, 4th Floor.

There will also be a live stream available each day at the links below:

Wednesday, October 26
Time (PT) Activity
12:30 pm -
2:00 pm
registration Registration table open
1:00 pm remarks Plenary
Session 1 Chair: Blair Subbaraman
1:30 pm keynote Digital Fabrication for Bioinspired Robot Design
Mark Cutkosky (Stanford)
2:15 pm paper Computational Support for Multiplicity in Hierarchical Electronics Design
Richard Lin, Rohit Ramesh, Prabal Dutta, Bjoern Hartmann and Ankur Mehta
2:30 pm paper Craft-Inspired Digital Fabrication: A Study of Interactive Robotic Clay Carving
Iremnur Tokac, Benay Gursoy, Herman Bruyninckx and Andrew Vande Moere
2:45 pm Coffee Break
Session 2 Chair: Blair Subbaraman
3:00 pm keynote Design of hinged 3D auxetic mechanisms
Elisabetta Matsumoto (Georgia Tech) and Henry Segerman (Oklahoma State University)
3:45 pm paper A Collaborative Multi-robot Platform for the Distributed Fabrication of Three-dimensional Fibrous Networks (Spatial Lacing)
Cody Tucker, Xiliu Yang, August Lehrecke, Mathias Maierhofer, Rebeca Duque Estrada and Achim Menges
4:00 pm paper Efficient Layer-by-Layer Simulation for Topology Optimization
Weixian Lan and Julian Panetta
4:15 pm Coffee Break
Session 3 Chair: Blair Subbaraman
4:30 pm keynote Plastic Dynamism: Delightful Decomposition, Destruction, Decay, Deformation, and Digestive Designs
Eric Paulos (UC Berkeley)
5:15 pm Evening Break
6:00 pm banquet Conference Banquet @ Rumba on Pike
(ticket required -- see Registration info)
Thursday, October 27
Time (PT) Activity
9:00 am -
11:00 am
registration Registration table open
Session 4 Chair: Danli Luo
9:30 am keynote Making Objects that Stretch & Squish using Graphics & Mechanics
Emily Whiting (Boston University)
10:15 am paper AmiGo: Computational Design of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns
Michal Edelstein, Hila Peleg, Shachar Itzhaky and Mirela Ben-Chen
10:30 am paper Simulation of printed-on-fabric assemblies
David Jourdan, Mélina Skouras, Victor Romero, Etienne Vouga and Adrien Bousseau
10:45 am Coffee Break
Session 5 Chair: Gabrielle Benabdallah
11:00 am keynote Computational Design and Fabrication for Next-Generation Batteries
Corie L. Cobb (University of Washington)
11:45 am paper DancingPottery: Posture driven pottery generative design and fabrication
Tianyang Xue, Lin Lu, Andrei Sharf, Lihao Tian and Haochen Li
12:00 pm paper Verso: Extending Computational Notebooks for Exploratory Digital Fabrication
Jasper Tran O'Leary, Eunice Jun and Nadya Peek
12:15 pm Lunch Break
Lunch not provided
Session 6 Chair: Gabrielle Benabdallah
2:30 pm keynote Fabricating Clay: Exploring Technology, Tradition, Materials, and Culture
Leah Buechley (University of New Mexico)
3:15 pm industry talk Onshape: Customize, Integrate, and Extend your CAD with Onshape's FeatureScript and REST API
3:30 pm Break / Demo Setup
3:45 pm demos Demos & Cocktails
See the Demo List for more information. Open until 5:30 pm.
Friday, October 28
Time (PT) Activity
Session 7 Chair: Jasper Tran O'Leary
9:30 am keynote Designing the Internet of Sustainable Things
Vikram Iyer (University of Washington)
10:15 am paper NozMod: Nozzle Modification for Efficient FDM 3D Printing
Daphna Kaplan, Shir Rorberg, Mirela Ben Chen and Yoav Sterman
10:30 am paper Structure-Preserving Editing of Plates and Volumes for Laser Cutting
Thijs Roumen, Ingo Apel, Thomas Kern, Martin Taraz, Ritesh Sharma, Ole Schlueter, Jeffrey Johnson, Dominik Meier, Conrad Lempert and Patrick Baudisch
10:45 am Coffee Break
Session 8 Chair: Jasper Tran O'Leary
11:00 am keynote Make for all and all for making: Musings on crafting and making by and for people with disabilities
Jen Mankoff (University of Washington)
11:45 am paper SVG-PCB: a web-based bidirectional electronics board editor
Leo McElroy, Quentin Bolsée, Nadya Peek and Neil Gershenfeld
12:00 pm paper A Computational Fabrication Course: Exploring Philosophical Reflection, Personal Expression, and Social Connection
Leah Buechley, Alyshia Bustos, Eleonora Edreva, Tyler Fenske, Reuben Fresquez, Samuel Hafer, Aislinn Handey, Michelle Louie, John Ng, Alan Shen, Randi Smith, Amber Sustaita, Michael Truong, Kai Vallon and Kage Micaiah Weiss
12:15 pm remarks Closing Remarks & SCF 2023 Announcements


    Hierarchical Computational Design of Board-Level Electronics
    Richard Lin, Rohit Ramesh, Prabal Dutta, Bjoern Hartmann and Ankur Mehta
    sPrintr: Towards In-Situ Personal Fabrication using a Mobile 3D Printer
    Daniel Campos Zamora, Liang He, Yueqian Zhang, Xuhai Xu, Jennifer Mankoff and Jon Froehlich
    Demonstrating p5.fab: Direct Control of Digital Fabrication Machines from a Creative Coding Environment
    Blair Subbaraman and Nadya Peek
    Triple Weave with Noise Synthesis
    Tatsuki Hayama and Kotaro Uchibe
    Generative co-design for microfluidics-accelerated 3D printing
    Gabriel Lipkowitz, Eric Shaqfeh and Joseph DeSimone
    Demonstrating a Fabricatable Bioreactor Toolkit for Small-Scale Biochemical Automation
    Danli Luo and Nadya Peek
    Demonstration of Fibercuit: Techniques to Prototype High-Resolution Flexible and Kirigami Circuits with a Fiber Laser Engraver
    Zeyu Yan, Anup Sathya, Sahra Yusuf, Jyh-Ming Lien and Huaishu Peng
    Fabricating Accessible Designs with Knitting Machines
    Tongyan Wang, Jennifer Mankoff and Megan Hofmann
    Knitting 4D Garments with Elasticity Controlled for Body Motion
    Zishun Liu, Xingjian Han, Yuchen Zhang, Xiangjia Chen, Yu-Kun Lai, Eugeni L. Doubrovski, Emily Whiting and Charlie C. L. Wang
    Enhancing access to high quality tangible information through machine embroidered tactile graphics
    Margaret Ellen Seehorn, Gene S-H Kim, Aashaka Desai, Megan Hofmann and Jennifer Mankoff
    Applications of a Machine Embroidered Metamaterial
    Arun Mankoff-Dey and Jennifer Mankoff
    Scaffolding Generation Using a 3D Physarum Polycephalum Model
    Drew Ehrlich, Milad Hakimshafaei and Oskar Elek
    FabHacks: A Domain-specific Language for Functional Fixtures Using Everyday Objects
    Yuxuan Mei, Dan Cascaval, Benjamin Jones, Etienne Vouga and Adriana Schulz
    On Designing Stools, Scripted Decisions
    Sora Key
    Advanced Pathing for Additive Manufacturing
    Alex Roschli and Michael Borish
    Bubbling Up Form from Data: A Nature-Inspired Form Generation Tool
    Cheng Xu, Michael Philetus Weller and Jiabao Li
    Embodied Calligraphy Learning through Direct Kinesthetic Feedback
    Cathy Mengying Fang, Ken Nakagaki, Jb Labrune and Hiroshi Ishii
    Applied Viscous Thread Instability for Manufacturing 3D Printed Foams
    Brett Emery and Daniel Revier
    Demo paper: Craft-inspired digital fabrication with a study of interactive robotic clay carving
    Iremnur Tokac, Benay Gursoy, Herman Bruyninckx and Andrew Vande Moere
    Demonstrating Dynamic Toolchains for Machine Control
    Hannah Twigg-Smith and Nadya Peek
    Urumbu: Minimal Machine Building
    Neil Gershenfeld, Quentin Bolsée and Robert Hart